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Falling Under

Falling Under - Really? Haden has to call Theia "lamb"??? Admittedly, I'm not part of the target demographic for this book, but I'm hardly so ancient that I cannot channel my mid-teen self. And I would have hated Haden's condescending comments and affectations just as much then as I do now. Yeesh. I did enjoy the depiction of Theia and her closed-off life. Gwen Hayes does an excellent job of describing Theia's remote, controlling father and the extreme restrictions he places on her daily life - from the decor of her room and her approved activities to the very way she wears her hair. Some of the supporting characters were enjoyable as well (Varnie in particular was a favorite of mine). However, Haden and Theia together left me irritated. Haden has taken too many lessons from the Edward Cullen Book of How to Be a Condescending and Sometimes Abusive Love Interest and Theia just seems to lap it up.